Casey Anthony Pregnant? PHOTOS, Murder Suspect Ready to 'Prove' She's a Good Mom, 'Loose' Clothes at March Court Appearance Sparks Baby Bump Buzz

By Danica Bellini,Mstarz reporter | Mar 14, 2013 11:35 AM EDT
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Rumors are currently swirling that Casey Anthony - the troubled mother who was found not guilty in the 2011 murder trial of her young daughter Caylee - might be pregnant again. Following a court appearance earlier this month in order to declare bankruptcy, Anthony's "loose-fitted" clothing sparked such baby bump buzz. A seedy report in the National Enquirer insists that Anthony is already one-two months along in the pregnancy, and that she's bragging to her friends over how she "can't wait" to prove that she's a good mother this time around. What do Mstars readers think about that?

An unnamed source reveals to the shady tabloid, "[Anthony] just said that she fell in love with a very wealthy man while she's been in hiding. Casey said he's taking care of her financially and he's so obsessed with her that he'll do anything for her... Her eyes lit up when she told me that she was expecting, but she wouldn't tell me who the baby's father is."

Anthony recently appeared in the public for the first time since her daughter's murder trial back in July, 2011. The 26-year-old attended a court hearing to declare bankruptcy on March 4. Anthony claims that she's been unemployed and has not received any sort of income since her acquittal in the murder of her daughter Caylee, who was found dead in 2008.

Anthony's lackluster, loose-fitting attire simply stirred up more pregnancy rumors.

The Weekly World News (a FAKE news website) followed up the Enquirer report with this seedy story:

Sources confirm to WWN that Casey Anthony is pregnant.

Casey Anthony is pregnant with another child and is reportedly thrilled at the chance to prove she is a good mother even after she was acquitted of killing her first daughter Caylee.

The National Enquirer broke the story based on the claims of multiple unidentified sources saying that the infamous mother is pregnant.

"She just said that she fell in love with a very wealthy man while she's been in hiding. Casey said he's taking care of her financially and he's so obsessed with her that he'll do anything for her," an unnamed insider told the tabloid.

That source also told WWN that "her sugar daddy is someone in the publie eye. He's a high profile man, that everyone in America would know."

Prior to Casey Anthony dating the wealthy man, she was dating this man:

The former murder suspect was in hiding since the July 2011 trial when she was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, only appearing in public last week to declare bankruptcy.

Casey is reportedly two months pregnant and is expecting... twins!

The most shocking aspect of the story is that Casey wants to name one of her new babies - Caylee - in honor of her deceased daughter.

Her was the original Caylee:

There is a group of concerned citizens who have created a petition to force Casey to be sterilized, and should she have another baby, they will apparently argue that the child should be turned over to social services. Neither the name of the group- nor the names of any participants- were not listed in the article.

If Casey continues to keep the identity of her partner a secret, it will be the second time that the identity of her child's father is kept a secret, though she apparently does know the man in this case.

One of the many shocking revelations related to her first daughter Caylee's murder trial was that a psychaitrist reported that Casey was impregnated when she was passed out at a party at the age of 18-years-old and discovered a while later that she was with child.

Casey is not receiving any money in book and TV deals, and is living on the kindness of her former lawyer and strangers. And sources say that Charlie Sheen has stated that he is Casey's mentor.

If readers pay close attention to details in the report, it's obvious that this is a bogus story. Again, World Wide News is a FAKE news website that aims to sationalize ridiculous claims made by social media (like rumors instigated in the recent Enquirer report).

As of now, there's no confirmation that Anthony is actually pregnant or dating a wealthy "mystery" man.

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