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Dry Ice Should Be Used Carefully To Avert Serious Mistakes

By partha das |

Dry Ice Experiments Compilation! (Chemistry)

Proper precaution and careful use are necessary to avoid mistakes while using the dry ice. Read More »

Regulate Food Intake By Avoiding These Top Addictive Foods

By Emily Joy Custodio |

Why Junk Food is Addictive

Eating is good but too much of everything is bad for the health. And some foods are already containing too much of these ingredients that encourages for more cravings. Read More »

Old Copper Mine In Uruguay Turns Into A Tourist Spot

By partha das |

Trailer Mina La Oriental

An old copper mine in the South American country Uruguay turns into an attractive place for the tourists. Read More »

Discover Disney Cruise Line And Enjoy These Surprising Perks

By Emily Joy Custodio |

Disney Cruise Line 2017 Itineraries

Disney Cruise Line has undoubtedly offered onboard entertainment for all its passengers, but these surprising details will surely complete the magic. Unannounced events, perks, and reminders are just one of the many amenities that cannot be seen on its brochure and website. Read More »

No more chocolates? Save the cacao trees!

By Staff Reporter |

Chocolates come in different sizes, forms, and colors and will definitely suit everyone's taste buds.

Everybody loves chocolates and who wouldn't. The sweet treat brings smiles but could fade out if the cacao trees become extinct. Read More »

American Airlines' Uniforms Allegedly Causing Sickness To Airline Staff

By Emily Joy Custodio |

AA new uniform DCA september 20, 2016 official version

American Airlines' flight attendants, ground staff, and pilots have already filed a complaint to their uniform supplier, Twin Hill for the allegedly "dangerously defective" uniforms that were issued last year. Complainants filed a suit stating that Twin Hill has been using harmful chemicals to their textiles that has caused a hundred airline staff of skin irritations, respiratory distress, lung nodules and one with extreme heavy metal poisoning. Read More »

Sugar Gives Birth To Eight Common Myths That People Should Stop Relying

By partha das |

5 Myths About Sugar

People need to stop believing the common eight myths about sugar as they include misinformation. Read More »

The Floating Venice: Dubai's First Underwater Luxury Vessel Resort

By Emily Joy Custodio |

The Floating Venice

In Dubai's The World Islands, 4km offshore Dubai, 'The Floating Venice will be constructed next year, marking the world's first underwater luxury vessel resort. The Floating Venice will have all Venice has to offer, equipped with imported Venetian Gondolas and on-site domes and canals. Read More »

Italienne: The Two-Faced European Restaurant In New York City, Offers Italian & French Cuisine

Street Food Thursday Launches In Berlin

Italienne has two room for each cuisine, a separate room for Italian foods and another room for French foods Read More »

Esther & Carol Named After Chefs' Mothers, Restaurant To Open Just In Time For Mother's Day

By Tania Gutierrez |

2017 Tribeca Film Festival - 'The Boy Downstairs' - After Party

Two restaurant veterans, Kevin King and Cordell Lochin, named their first venture Esther & Carol after both of their mothers. Read More »

Food & Wine Restaurants Of The Year 2017 Award Clinched By Two NYC Resto Olmsted & Le Coucou

Street Food Thursday Launches In Berlin

Food & Wine Magazine Magazine named its Top 10 Best New Places To Eat in the US. Read More »

'NY Governor' Comes With The Largest Multi-Use Trail Plan Of The Nation

By Nataly Mendoza |

Cadillac Celebrates The Grand Opening Of 'Cadillac House - New York'

New York Gov. Andre Cuomo propose a trail construction plan for the actual greenways and to convert it in the largest in the US, with a project called the "Empire State Trail". Read More »

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