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Patti LaBelle & James Wright Chanel Make Steve Harvey Sing After He Tries Singer's Sweet Potato Pie

By Star Connor |

Steve Harvey, Patti LaBelle, James Wright Chanel

Someone obviously loves Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies. During Wednesday's episode of Steve Harvey, the TV host had his first taste of the diva's pie and started singing just like James Wright Chanel. Read More »

Patti LaBelle and James Wright Chanel to Host Holiday Cooking Show This Season

By Claire Howard |

Patti LaBelle and James Wright Chanel

Patti LaBelle and James Wright Chanel are certainly keeping their names in the papers these days. LaBelle invited Chanel over for Thanksgiving and it just happened to be his birthday as well, making it one to remember. Everyone knows that LaBelle has some serious cooking skills and she and Chanel will be filming a holiday cooking show special set to air on the Cooking Channel. Read More »

Tyrese, Uma Thurman & the Kardashians Share Thanksgiving with Fans! [PHOTOS]


It appears as if the likes of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Uma Thurman and Tyrese are just like the rest of us, as they all had to travel to celebrate Thanksgiving. Read More »

Skip That Turkey Drowsiness with These Healthy Thanksgiving Day Recipes

By Kyle Dowling |

Stephen Baldwin Serves Thanksgiving Dinner People: Joe Breaton

Thanksgiving isn’t really a day known for giving people the feeling of being fit, healthy and sexy – but hey, that’s part of its appeal, isn’t it? Regardless, there are some people out there attempting to stick with their diets, which is exactly why we’re listing some healthy Thanksgiving food recipes. Read More »

Patti Labelle Gives Credit to James Wright for Recent Success of Patti's Pies

By Claire Howard |

Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Hosts Angel Ball 2015 - Inside

James Wright's video garnered over three million views on his YouTube channel. Since then LaBelle has said that she has been the reason behind the pies success. But, this week, according to Rollingout Magazine LaBelle has finally admitted and came to terms with the fact the Wright played a big role in the recent rise in her bank account. Read More »

Kanye and North West Can Now Cease Run-ins With the Paparazzi at LAX

By Claire Howard |

North West Fan Instagram

How many times have we seen Kanye West complain, rant and almost beat up a few Los Angeles paparazzi when arriving or departing from Los Angeles International Airport? North West, only a toddler, shows her disdain as well when she is bombarded by flashing lights without her consent. Now, LAX has figured out the problem and how to cease run-ins with the paparazzi. Read More »

Patti LaBelle Needs More Sweet Potatoes to Produce Pies for the Holidays

By Star Connor |

Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies

Looks like Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies may not be at your families table for Thanksgiving if you haven't already purchased one. According to Hip Hollywood, LaBelle is going to need more potatoes to produce more of her pies for the upcoming holidays. Read More »

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pies Are Selling Out, Showing Power of the Black Dollar

By Claire Howard |

Singer Patti LaBelle Seen Leaving The Mercer Hotel Wearing Turquoise In Support Of The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE Initiative

Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies have been all the rave for the last couple of days. A viral review filled with singing, a huge personality and charisma made by James Wright sparked a nationwide craze to see exactly how Labelle's pies tasted. Sold exclusively at Walmart, America was able to see the power of the Black dollar within the community in one weekend. Read More »

Keep that Spring Belly During Thanksgiving with These 4 Tips

By Claire Howard |

Devone Martin

Winter is slowly approaching and that means big sweaters, leggings, hot cocoa and marshmallows. Let's not forget your favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! According to Yahoo, Turkey Day food can add two to four pounds, not including the days your eating leftovers. Before you know it, midriff mishaps were created with Thanksgiving comfort food and your belly size has increased by the time Spring arrives. Read More »

Future, Mike Will Made-It Team Up for Holiday Benefit in Atlanta

By Claire Howard |

2014 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards - Red Carpet People:Mike Will Made It, Future

Music stars Future and Mike Will Made-It have tapped into their philanthropic sides once more. Read More »

Patti LaBelle Calls Sweet Potato Pie Viral Video Lover

By Star Connor |

Patti LaBelle

Looks like James Wright Chanel's vocal sounds got the attention of one diva. MStars News has learned that legendary songstress, Patti LaBelle called Wright after his love for her sweet potato pie went viral. Read More »

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie Selling Out in Walmart

By Star Connor |

Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies

Legendary singer, Patti LaBelle must be a genius, because she has fans all over the country breaking the internet singing her famous song, "If Only You Knew" while eating her sweet potato pie! LaBelle launched her new pie line right in time for the holidays, and they are already selling out in Walmart. Read More »

Lionsgate to Open 'Hunger Games' Avatron Smart Park; 'Twilight,' 'Divergent' & 'Saw' Rides?

By Rob de la Teja |

Avatron Smart Park

A partnership between Lionsgate Entertainment Group and the planned Avatron Smart Park outside Atlanta has paved the way for the latest studio-themed amusement park. With 'Hunger Games' attractions already planned, Lionsgate is positioning themselves as the next Disney World or Universal Studios -- and with licenses to franchises including 'Divergent,' 'Twilight' and 'Saw,' the studio has the potential to make the park a big hit. Read More »

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