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Looking to Get J. Lo's Abs? Here's How! [PHOTOS]

By Kyle Dowling |

Jennifer Lopez Ab Exercises Revealed

Summer is coming, folks. Don't we all want to look like Jennifer Lopez? Okay, (most) guys probably don't, but that doesn't mean they can't try out a couple of exercises, right? Lucky for us, J. Lo's ab exercises have recently been revealed, which means that this coming summer we'll all be walking around with sexy booty and stomach features perfect for that bikini, correct? Read More »

Ashley Tisdale on Fitness Tips, Yoga Workouts & Diet Secrets

By Kyle Dowling |

Ashley Tisdale Reveals Fitness Tips, Yoga Workouts & Diet Secrets

Actress Ashley Tisdale has always been pretty health-conscious––juggling her time now between work, fitness, yoga and eating healthily. And judging from what her workout and diet habits consist of, we can see how hard she's working at it. Of course, the New Jersey-born actress admits that it hasn't always been easy, considering that when she started in the business she began doing quite a bit of food commercials. Read More »

Now You Can Order Domino's on Twitter

By Kyle Dowling |

Domino's Pizza Offers Tweet-to-Order Service

When online order took over actually having to call a pizza place, we figured our minds had been blown. But now that Domino’s – formerly Domino’s Pizza – is offering a “tweet-to-order” service, where you can merely tell the company via Twitter that you’ll looking for some of their delicious goodness, it looks like we had no idea our blown our minds had been. Read More »

Starbucks Introduces the Mini Frappuccino!

By Kyle Dowling |

Starbucks Introduces Mini Frapp

Last week, the world of coffee drinkers was given a gift from God in the form of the whole Half-Priced Happy Hour Starbucks Frappuccino thing, which was, well, amazing. Now, the famed coffee chain is giving us the same jolt of excitement and elation but with a little less guilt. We're speaking, of course, about the Mini Frappuccino. And the best part: you can still get the S'mores Frapp WITH the chocolate cookie straw. Read More »

KFC Double Down Returns as Candle: Discontinued Sandwich is Now a Scent!

By Jon Niles |

KFC Double Down Returns as Candle: Discontinued Sandwich is Now a Scent!

The phenomenon that is the Double Down sandwich from KFC has plagued our taste buds for a few years now, teasing us with limited runs and rumors of it being discontinued. Luckily for those yearning for the DD, a Kentucky-based company called Kentucky for Kentucky has crafted the next best thing: a candle that has the scent of the infamous chicken sandwich. Instead of waiting for its return, you can smell the Double Down now! Read More »

Starbucks Half-Priced Frappuccino Happy Hour Returns!

By Kyle Dowling |

Starbucks Coffee Emerges As Largest Food Chain in Manhattan By:Stephen Chernin Getty Images News

Finally, a happy hour we actually want to go to. Starbucks is bringing back their limited time Half-Priced Frappuccino Happy Hour. Per the Starbucks website, the famed coffee chain is bringing back their half-priced happy hour from May 1-10 from the hours of 3-5 p.m. Featured in the happy hour will be the likes of any Frappuccino you wish alongside the new S'mores Frappuccino. And yes, there's even a chocolate cookie straw involved. Read More »

Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Meals

By Kyle Dowling |

Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Meals: Mexican Food, Margaritas & More!

It is Cinco de Mayo, folks! Now, while most of you may not care about the true meaning of the holiday – largely because the Americanized version of it is merely a celebration of drinking ... much like St. Patrick's Day – we hope you don't' mind a little history lesson. Aside from eating some killer Mexican food, the holiday of Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to remember the Mexican resistance against French imperialism. Read More »

Tia Mowry Speaks out on What Really Happened Between Her Husband, Cory Hardrict & Keke Palmer

By Star Connor |

Tia Mowry Hardrict

It's been one hectic month for one of our favorite couples, Tia Mowry, and Cory Hardrict. MStars News previously learned that there were rumors swirling around about Tia snapping on her husband's co-star, Keke Palmer after she revealed that she had a crush on him as a child. Read More »

Tia Mowry Surprises Her Man Cory Hardrict with a Date Night on Cooking Show

By Star Connor |

Tia and Cory Hardrict

There's nothing like coming home to the smell of a hot meal, or even coming together in the kitchen to work as a team to make a delicious meal, and that's just what Tia Mowry, and her husband, Cory Hardrict are doing. Read More »

Ludacris and Eudoxie Celebrate First Child Together in 'Secret Garden' Themed Baby Shower

By Star Connor |

Ludacris' Wife, Eudoxie Confirms Birth Of Baby Girl, Break Baby, Cai Gets A Little Sister

Ludacris' wife, Eudoxie knows how to show some legs while pregnant! MStars News has learned that the soon-to-be parents and newlyweds, joined in with family and friends over the weekend to celebrate the pending arrival of their first child together in a secret garden theme. Read More »

Alyssa Milano's Breast Milk a Threat to Heathrow Airport?

By Star Connor |

Alyssa Milano

Looks like this mother isn't a happy camper with Heathrow Airport! 'MStars News' has learned that actress Alyssa Milano was outraged at the London, England, airport when it made her get rid of her precious breast milk for her daughter Elizabella Dylan Bugliari. She also said one of her pump's missing after a policy argument. Read More »

Cook Creates Pokémon-Themed Pancakes

By Joseph Randazzo |

Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Delights Spectators In NYC

The only thing better than Pokémon is food, and Missouri-based pancake artist Daniel Drake, better known as Dan the Pancake Man, has combined the two. Dan created the idea of Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo and Jigglypuff Pokémon-themed pancakes as a fry cook looking to make better tips. The idea worked but in the end it turned into so much more. His Pokémon pancakes have now gone mainstream. Read More »

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