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Conan Visited Troops with Michelle Obama, Did Something Really Stupid... But Really Fun

By Staff |

Conan O'Brien Slams Writer for Bashing Jimmy Fallon TV Show

A couple of nights ago on an episode of CONAN, host Conan O’Brien teased a trip her recently took with First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama. As part of her Joining Forces Initiative, O’Brien joined Obama in visiting troops overseas in Qatar. Read More »

Jon Stewart Dusted Off His Donald Trump Impression for a Stand-Up Show

By Kyle Dowling |

The New York Comedy Festival And The Bob Woodruff Foundation... People:Jon Stewart

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart dusted off his Donald Trump impression for a stand-up show close to Veterans Day. The event, Stand Up for Heroes, was part of the New York Comedy Festival, and like he used to at his alma mater, Stewart took down the likes of Trump and his fellow GOP candidate, Ben Carson. Read More »

'SNL's' Head Writer Talks Edgy Sketches & Whether or Not They Care About Internet Comments

By Kyle Dowling |

Trump on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live has been known to have a controversial sketch or two over the past 41 years. And given this past weekend's episode with GOP candidate Donald Trump – you remember, the one where Larry David called him a "racist" during the monologue – alongside the likes of some social media stir due to a bit from Leslie Jones and slavery, the question of how edgy is too edgy appears to be at the forefront of everyone's mind. Read More »

The Highest and Lowest-Rated Late Night Talk Shows Are...

By Kyle Dowling |

Conan O'Brien

Given the ever so diverse spread that is late night comedy – in comedic terms, that is; not race (because most are Caucasian) – as of late, the question of who has higher ratings tends to often come into play. But since much content lives online nowadays, it’s tough to say whether or not ratings are of most importance in creating a successful television show. From Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien’s TBS series, it appears that viral is key. Read More »

Stephen Colbert Asks Aziz Ansari if Being on 'Late Show' Makes Up for CBS' Diversity Issue

By Kyle Dowling |

Stephen Colbert at 2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 14

Comedian Aziz Ansari appeared on Tuesday night's episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new Netflix series, Master of None. During the interview, the comedian, perhaps unexpectedly, brought up the issue of CBS' lack of diversity, noting that even the Late Show has "a lot of white guys" backstage. To that, the former Colbert Report host asked if having Ansari on at all makes up for his new network's diversity issue. Read More »

Trevor Noah is Confused Why Ben Carson Wants to Be Known for Stabbing Someone

By Kyle Dowling |

GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns At Black... People:Ben Carson

Ben Carson appears to be having a rough go with the media as of late, as it seems there have been several questions to the validity of his "I once tried to stab someone when I was 14 years old" story. While Carson claims that his anger issues got the best of him as a young man, several media outlets are not so sure. As a result of the scrutiny, he's begun exclaiming that President Barack Obama was not met with such vetting into his private life during his time on the campaign trail. And, well, it looks like it took Daily Show host Trevor Noah to remind him that Obama had a pretty tough time before, and during, his presidency. Read More »

Did Larry David Film an Episode of 'Curb' at 'SNL'?

By Kyle Dowling |

Larry David Doing More 'Curb'?

Following the incredibly hyped up episode of Saturday Night Live this past weekend – you know, the one with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump (in case you hadn't heard) – some speculation went around noting that Larry David, who made an appearance or two, was actually filming an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the show. Of course, the speculation came from the oh-so-popular parody account, Seinfeld2000. Read More »

Anthony Weiner Has an Impression of Larry David Doing Bernie Sanders

By Staff |

Anthony Weiner Visits His Campaign Headquarters People:Anthony Weiner

It appears that everyone has their Bernie Sanders impression. Whether it be comedian James Adomian or the ever so below Larry David – who recently reprised that impersonation on Saturday Night Live this past weekend with host Donald Trump – there are many who are trying to get it down. But on Friday's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, politician Anthony Weiner took a stab at it. Read More »

Marc Maron FINALLY Interviewed Lorne Michaels

By Staff |

Lorne Michaels - 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Executive Arrivals

Today is a big day for fans of Marc Maron. The comedian dropped his interview with Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels on his popular podcast WTF. And wouldn't you believe, they actually seemed to hit it off. Read More »

LD Calls Trump a "Racist" on 'SNL' & Got $5k For It?

By Kyle Dowling |

Larry David - AWXII - VIP Closing Dinner

If you tuned in for Donald Trump's oh-so-anticipated (and oh-so-protested) episode of Saturday Night Live over the weekend then you undoubtedly saw Larry David's infamous Bernie Sanders impression. Of course, as great as it was, it wasn't the only laugh the Curb Your Enthusiasm star brought to NBC. During Trump's monologue, David called the billionaire GOP candidate a racist and admitted that he was offered $5,000 for doing so. Read More »

Protesters Gather Outside Rockefeller Center Over Donald Trump 'SNL' Outrage [PHOTOS]

By Kyle Dowling |

Latino Organizations Demonstrate Against Donald Trump Hosting SNL

While Saturday Night Live went down this past weekend as an undoubted success, there were many people who really didn't want the presidential candidate to host - mainly Hispanic groups. Of course, given the fact that ratings are key in television, NBC somewhat ignored those haters and went on with Trump as the host anyway. But that didn't stop protesters from lining up outside Rockefeller Plaza in New York City before, during and after the show. Read More »

Donald Trump Supports His Comments About Rosie O'Donnell on 'SNL'

By Kyle Dowling |

Donald Trump - Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared as the host of last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Unsurprisingly, the former Celebrity Apprentice lead had some controversial moments, and they began at the monologue. During the top of the show, Trump brought up his past feud with comedian Rosie O'Donnell. He noted that she was actually at the show to support him. Of course, it seems he had her confused with cast member Aidy Bryant. Read More »

Trevor Noah Undergoes Emergency Surgery, Delays 'Daily Show' Taping

By Staff |

Daily Show with Trevor Noah Teaser Trailer Released

It's being reported the Daily Show will air a rerun on Wednesday, Nov. 4, as host Trevor Noah is undergoing surgery. The comedian is apparently recuperating from an emergency appendectomy, according a report from Variety. Read More »

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