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Meryl Streep on Hollywood Gender Gap: 'We Need Older White Males to Be Interested'

By lauren-huff | Feb 14, 2016 11:18 PM EST

Meryl Streep

Just days after coming under fire for her comments that "we are all Africans" at the Berlin Film Festival, Meryl Streep is being praised for speaking out about the gender gap in Hollywood. Read More »

Chiwetel Ejiofor: My Character Would 'Never' Forgive Best Mate in 'Love Actually'

By lauren-huff | Feb 14, 2016 07:04 PM EST

Chiwetel Ejiofor

It's Valentine 's Day and "love actually is all around us." But for Chiwetel Ejiofor, there is no love lost between one of his first big screen characters and the character of Mark from the hit romantic dramedy, Love Actually, whom he says he can "never" forgive. Read More »

#AgingWithoutShame is 'X-Files' Star Gillian Anderson's Mantra After Plastic Surgery Rumors

By lauren-huff | Feb 13, 2016 05:46 PM EST

Gillian Anderson

Just call it the BotoX Files! Star of "The X-Files," Gillian Anderson, recently took to Facebook to slam reports that she has had plastic surgery. The report in question claims Anderson, who plays Dana Scully on the show, had work done on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck, nose, lips and chin. Read More »

She's Back! 'Scream Queens' Star Emma Roberts Says Chanel Oberlin Will Return for Season 2

By lauren-huff | Feb 13, 2016 05:02 PM EST

Emma Robert

She's back! "Scream Queens" star Emma Roberts says her character Chanel Oberlin will be back for season two of the hit show. Season one ended with Oberlin and her fellow Chanels in a mental institution. The last shot featured someone in a Red Devil costume standing over Chanel's bed as she screams. Read More »

Did Will Smith Go "Too Far" With Parenting Style? See What He Has to Say About Jaden's "Experiments"

By lauren-huff | Feb 12, 2016 04:10 PM EST

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have raised some eyebrows in years past for their comments on their parenting style. Now that the kids are young adults, Smith says, it all might have been a mistake... sort of. Read More »

Meryl Streep Sparks Controversy After Saying "We're All Africans" in Regards to All-White Jury Panel

By lauren-huff | Feb 12, 2016 03:40 PM EST

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is finding herself in some hot water after some controversial comments she made at the Berlin Film Festival Thursday, where she is currently president of the festival's jury panel. Speaking in regards to the entirely white panel at the festival, Streep made the comment that "we're all Africans, really," which immediately raised eyebrows. Read More »

New Lawyer Hopes to Use "Advanced Luminol Testing to Exonerate" Steven Avery

By lauren-huff | Feb 12, 2016 02:40 PM EST

'Making a Murderer'

New details in Steven Avery's upcoming appeal have emerged. Avery, the subject of Netflix's true crime docu-series Making a Murderer, is currently serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Now, Avery's new attorney Kathleen Zellner says she plans to appeal, and it's been announced that the case will utilize "advanced luminol testing to exonerate Avery." Read More »

Does Broadway's 'Hamilton' have Beef with Taylor Swift over the Grammy Opener?

By lauren-huff | Feb 11, 2016 10:30 PM EST

Taylor Swift

Does Broadway have beef with Taylor Swift over the Grammy opener? Apparently, creator of the hit Broadway show Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, said in an interview that the cast of the musical would be doing the opening number at the Grammys. Then, it was announced that Swift would be the show's opener. Theater fans did not take kindly to the news, assuming Swift swooped in and stole the spot. Read More »

Film Producer Tweets Sexist Descriptions of Female Characters from Actual Film Scripts, and It's AWFUL

By lauren-huff | Feb 11, 2016 10:00 PM EST

Twitter 2015

Film producer Ross Putman has taken it upon himself to blow the lid off of latent sexism in Hollywood. Via his new Twitter handle, @FemScriptIntros, he reveals the real descriptions used in scripts to describe various female characters. The descriptions overwhelmingly focus on the looks and sex appeal of the women, and critics are calling the descriptions "ageist, sexist and objectifying." Read More »

Which Scene in 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' Does Kim Kardashian Find "Ridiculous" and Over-the-Top?

By lauren-huff | Feb 11, 2016 06:50 PM EST

Kim Kardashian West

The FX smash hit, The People v. O.J. Simpson, may feature real clips and events, but it's not 100 percent accurate, and the Kardashians want everyone to know it. Following the airing of episode 2 "The Run of His Life," the Kardashians, particularly Kim Kardashian, responded to one scene in particular that "never happened." Read More »

Show Ignores Refugee Discussion for Bad 'Sex and the City' Skit, Kristen Davis Fans React

By lauren-huff | Feb 11, 2016 01:42 PM EST

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis just can't escape 'Sex and the City.' The actress, who starred as Charlotte on the hit show, appeared on an Australian talk show this week to discuss her humanitarian work. Davis hardly got to talk about her work with refugees when the hosts urged Davis to do an awkward reenactment of a scene from the show, prompting fans to attack the program on Twitter. Read More »

Is Your Pooch Smart? British Scientists Develop Dog IQ Test to Find Out

By lauren-huff | Feb 10, 2016 02:51 PM EST

Puppy Bowl

Have you ever wondered how smart your pooch actually is? A team of British scientists who are working on the first dog IQ test might be able to help. Read More »

'Serial' Update! Adnan Syed's Defense Says "We Proved Our Case" for New Trial in Latest Hearings

By lauren-huff | Feb 10, 2016 02:50 PM EST

Sarah Koenig

The hearing in the case of Serial's Adnan Syed ended Tuesday. According to Syed's defense lawyer, the defense "proved" their case that legal failures such as a key witness never being called to testify, misleading cell phone data and more justify a new trial for Syed. Read More »

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