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Bill Maher Wonders Why GOP is Ignoring Pope's View on Climate Change

By Kyle Dowling |

Pope Francis Rides To Mass On Parkway In The Popemobile

Comedian Bill Maher found himself torn during Friday night's episode of Real Time when it came time to discuss Pope Francis and his recent visit to the United States. While claimingto be sitting on the fence in regards to his majesty (or whatever you call him) and his opinions, he does agree with him on one issue: climate change. Unfortunately, the Republican Party seems wary of the Pope's views on this, and Bill Maher cannot seem to understand why. Read More »

Dr. Cosby is No More: Fordham U Takes Away Honorary Doctorate

By Kyle Dowling |

Bill Cosby

Comedian turned America's-Most-Hated-Man Bill Cosby is quickly losing pretty much everything with the exception of the whole "being officially announced as guilty" thing—despite the opinion of the majority. While Cosby seems to continually be accused of raping and/or sexually assaulting women over the years – which enhanced when he admitted to using Quaaludes back in the day – he's now lost his honorary doctorate from Fordham University. Read More »

Comedy Central Books Big Names for Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Week 1

By Kyle Dowling |

Trevor Noah Expected Backlash from Critics

This coming Monday, Sept. 28, marks the premiere of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. And while many are curious as to just how the new host will do, what seems to be keeping strong is the show's guest lineup. Comedy Central has just announced the guests for Week 1 of Noah's show. And no, Jon Stewart is not one of them; he's off visiting Congress to make sure people keep their morals intact. Read More »

David Beckham and Kevin Hart Star Together in New H&M Campaign

By Mehak Massand |

2015 U.S. Open - Day 14

Instead of having the retired footballer David Beckham practically nude in a photoshoot campaign, H&M decided to switch it up by featuring this year's campaign with comedian, Kevin Hart alongside Beckham, fully clothed. Watch a funny new video of these two stars teaming up for the campaign! Read More »

More 'Curb' AND a Movie??

By Kyle Dowling |

Broadway's 'Fish In The Dark' Press Preview People: Larry David

The question burning inside the minds of Curb Your Enthusiasm fans all across the globe – Will Larry David do another season of Curb – may have just been answered. It’s being reported that LD is slowly moving closer to doing another season of his hit HBO series. Moreover, it may be more than a season—it may be a movie! Read More »

Tracy Morgan's Emmy Appearance Slammed by Walmart Truck Driver's Attorney

By Kyle Dowling |

Tracy Morgan - 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Sunday night's Emmy Awards had quite a few special moments tossed in. One of them was seeing upcoming Saturday Night Live host Tracy Morgan make his comeback to the stage after being absent for 15 months due to that near-death experience in a horrible car accident last June. And while most of the world was delighted to see the 30 Rock lead make everyone pregnant, the attorney of the Walmart truck driver, who struck Morgan and his friends, was not thrilled. Read More »

Jon Stewart on Donald Trump as President: The World Would Be "Bonkers"

By Kyle Dowling |

Jon Stewart - 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

It's a question so many of us are terrified to ask: What would we do if Donald Trump actually managed to become President of the United States? Well, if you ask former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, it appears he'd get in a rocket and leave Earth altogether. After winning a couple of trophies during last night's Emmy Awards, Stewart told reporters that if Trump becomes president our planet would be "bonkers." Read More »

Tracy Morgan Makes Appearance at the Emmys!

By Kyle Dowling |

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room People: Tracy Morgan

Following the horrific crash that nearly killed comedian Tracy Morgan last year, the famed 30 Rock star appeared on Sunday night's 2015 Emmy Awards to present the final award of the evening: Best Drama. Read More »

Steve Rannazzi's New Comedy Central Special STILL Aired Following 9/11 Lie

By Kyle Dowling |

Steve Rannazzisi - 2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11

Despite his recent admission to having lied about surviving the attacks on 9/11 at the World Trade Center in New York City, comedian and star of FX's The League Steve Rannazzisi's Comedy Central special aired with no problem whatsoever. Read More »

Bill Maher Thinks Teachers Were Right to Question Ahmed Mohamed's Clock

By Kyle Dowling |

Bill Maher Defends Ahmed Mohamed Arrest

While the world was busy getting oh-so-angry over the recent arrest of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed after he brought a clock into school that was mistaken for a bomb, comedian Bill Maher was putting together his support for the boy's arrest. That's right, the famed Real Time host admitted to having understood the perspective of the police in their arrest on Friday night's HBO episode, claiming that the clock made by Mohamed "looks exactly like a f*cking bomb." Read More »

Jon Stewart Apologizes to 9/11 First Responders for "Toxic Bullsh*t" from Congress

By Kyle Dowling |

Jon Stewart Appears On Capitol Hill

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart kept his promise and headed to Capitol Hill on Wednesday alongside a group of 9/11 first responders to fight Congress for refusing to extend the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. The bill, which was put into play back in 2011, get $4.2 billion to form a stellar healthcare plan for first responders to the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Read More »

Joe Rogan Defends Nick Diaz

By Joseph Randazzo |

Joe Rogan

Earlier in the week, the outspoken, talented and always entertaining Nick Diaz was hit with a five-year-suspension from the UFC, not for performance enhancing drugs, but instead for having marijuana in his system. In a world where fighters get far less time for getting popped with steroids, the vocal members on twitter, Ronda Rousey and now comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan have jumped to the aid of Diaz. Read More »

Which 'League' Star Lied About Surviving 9/11 Attacks?

By Kyle Dowling |

Stephen Rannazzisi - 2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11

Back in 2009, comedian Steve Rannazzisi, who stars on FX’s near-ending series The League, told reporters that he once worked for Merrill Lynch in the World Trade Center when the 9/11 attacks occurred. The comedian explained that he worked in the south tower and escaped the building after the first plane stuck. On Wednesday, the Buffalo Wild Wings spokesman came clean and admitted that it was a total lie. Read More »

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