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Kristaps Porzingis Booed At NBA Draft

By Joseph Randazzo | Jun 26, 2015 02:41 PM EDT

Kristaps Porzingis

On Thursday night, the Barclay Center was the scene of many dreams coming true for several young ball players. The scene wasn't so serene for one player in particular however. When it was announced that the Knicks would be selecting Kristaps Porzingis of Latvia in the first round, the skinny 7'1 forward was blasted with a smattering of boos. His dream seemed to upset a few New Yorkers. Read More »

NBA Draft: Is Jahlil Okafor, Emmanuel Mudiay or Karl-Anthony Towns Going Number 1?

By Joseph Trezza | Dec 16, 2014 08:46 PM EST

Jahlil Okafor Leds Duke Towards NBA Draft

All three players have a ton of size and make scouts salivate with crazy upside. The final decision may depend on what the team drafting prefers — whether they favor a post player or a point guard, and whether or not they favor polish. Let's dig deeper into each candidate. Read More »

Magic Johnson Wants the Los Angeles Lakers to Completely Tank

By Joseph Trezza | Dec 09, 2014 08:26 PM EST

Will Lakers Tank?

Johnson's cryptic statement really means he wants the Lakers to get bad enough to put themselves in a position to get better. A bad record means a better chance at high picks in the NBA Draft. The Lakers are currently stumbling through a 5-16 start and sit next to last in the Western Conference. Read More »

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Toronto Raptors Live Stream

By Kenneth Brown | Dec 05, 2014 07:00 PM EST

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Toronto Raptors

Tonight we could be in for a future NBA playoff match-up, when the Cleveland Cavaliers visit the in-form Toronto Raptors. The Cavs have joined them, and they're in good form, but something's got to give. The Cavs will be without Mike Miller, who is suffering from a concussion. Can LeBron James and his team grab their sixth straight win, or will it be back to the drawing board for the new "big dog" of the NBA? Watch our free online live stream, and find out who will up their stock on the upcoming power rankings. Read More »

Is Kyrie Irving The Best PG & Style Icon In NBA?

By Kenneth Brown | Dec 05, 2014 05:43 PM EST

Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving is finally ready to dominate the NBA, on and off of the basketball court. The point guard has for a long while been tipped to become the very best in the game, and it seems his on-court and off-court games have developed together. The NIKE star has released his own shoes, and while wearing them, he made the perfect advertisement, dropping 37 points. On top of that he's been wearing a near $1K designer bag. It's taken him time, but ladies and gentlemen, Kyrie is ready to make the NBA his own, and LeBron James couldn't be any happier. Read More »

Kyrie Irving The New "King" For Cleveland Cavaliers?

By Kenneth Brown | Dec 05, 2014 10:15 AM EST

Kyrie Irving Delivers

It seems that LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are starting to put together a good run of form, downing the New York Knicks, meaning it's now 5 wins in a row for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The New York Knicks are struggling, but the Cavaliers had to deal with a motivated Carmelo Anthony, and that they did with the late, comeback victory. Kyrie had a memorable game, leading the team, in the way James had always envisioned, proving that their plan is slowly, but surely coming together. Read More »

Cleveland Cavaliers @ New York Knicks Free Online Live Stream [WATCH]

By Kenneth Brown | Dec 04, 2014 07:00 PM EST

Cleveland Cavaliers @ New York Knicks LIVE NBA STREAM

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off yet another win, downing the Milwaukee Bucks, but next up is a road trip to face the New York Knicks. The NBA has been entertaining, yet so many teams have failed to get going, and this game could prove pivotal for the both of them, so we're bringing you a free online live stream, so you can see first hand who will be moving up the next batch of online power rankings. LeBron James will take on Carmelo Anthony, but will he be fit to play? Read More »

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live NBA Stream: LeBron James

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 29, 2014 02:48 PM EST

Cleveland Cavaliers

During LeBron James' Miami Heat career there was often one team he struggled playing against, despite still often bettering them, and that team was the Indiana Pacers. Now times have changed, and James is back where it started, with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His old nemesis aren't the force they were over the last four years, but could this road game prove pivotal to their success, and be the confidence boost they well and truly need on their road to an NBA championship? James has often explained that he's not been at his best, and that the team "owe" the fans, and by dominating, or even beating the Pacers, they can slowly start to repay their loyal fans. Luckily we're bringing you a live stream, so you can catch the action before the latest power rankings drop. Read More »

LeBron James: "I Stink" - Cleveland Cavaliers Ready For NBA Title?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 25, 2014 10:24 AM EST

LeBron James Leading Cleveland Cavaliers Despite 'Stinking'

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been really bad; so bad, that LeBron James recently said "I stink" while referring to his start to his NBA season. However, LBJ and Kevin Love proved they can play with Kyrie Irving, dominating the Orlando Magic, showing just how good they can be. Their start might be far from what they wanted, but the Cavaliers can now build on their impressive win. Can they put it together and dominate the NBA as many predicted, though? Read More »

Watch NBA: Orlando Magic Vs Cleveland Cavaliers Live Stream

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 24, 2014 06:00 PM EST

LeBron James Leads Cleveland Cavaliers Out For NBA Game Against Orlando Magic

Watch LeBron James in action for FREE. Yes, his Cleveland Cavaliers have had a struggling start to their NBA season, but they're hoping to put things right at home, in Cleveland, against the Orlando Magic. We're bringing you a live stream, so put your feet up and catch some basketball coverage. The Cavs will be trying to move up the world's power rankings, but a loss to the Magic will all but ruin that, so this is bound to be a must-see game. The Cavaliers have a plan, according to David Blatt and James. Read More »

Are LeBron James And Kevin Love Leaving The Cleveland Cavaliers?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 23, 2014 01:20 PM EST

LeBron James, Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving Not Working?

It all seemed so easy. LeBron James and Kevin Love joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, giving them and stars Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters a huge chance at NBA success, but it just hasn't worked out. Yet again the Cavs were on the losing side, getting demolished 110-93 by the Toronto Raptors. With Love and James highly regarded yet struggling at the moment, could they opt out of their longterm plan this coming summer? It'd hurt their reputation, but if they no longer believe in their "fragile" team, will they run away at the first opportunity they get? LeBron has remained calm, but he admitted, according to ESPN: "We're a very fragile team right now. Well, we were a fragile team from the beginning. Any little adversity hits us, we just shell up. That's something that will come with experience. This is not even the lowest it's going to get for us. "You guys know, the lowest it can get is up 17 in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the Finals and losing. It can get that low. Or being up 2-1 and going to Game 4 and lose three straight in the Finals. That's very low. So, I'm very optimistic. I'm very positive. More positive than I thought I would be right now, so, we look at what we did wrong, things that we did well and get ready for Orlando coming in on Monday." Read More »

Kevin Love: I Need To Get Better

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 20, 2014 12:51 PM EST

Kevin Love Not Good Enough?

When LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they added Kevin Love, many tipped them to dominate the NBA. However, they've had a slow start, showing promise at times, but at other times showing little championship material. Some said that Love wouldn't be able to step his game up and help the Cavaliers, and already some are calling the trade that brought him to Cleveland a failure. Will their big-three NBA experiment be a bust, or can Love get it right? He believes he has what it takes, although he knows he must improve. Read More »

LeBron James to Leave Cleveland Cavaliers Already?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 19, 2014 09:07 PM EST

LeBron James

A few months ago the idea of LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed nothing but a fantasy that some fans couldn't let go. However, fast forward a couple of months, and the king is back on the throne he vacated four years ago, however, could he now regret returning? The NBA superstar has admitted that rebuilding this Cavaliers team is his 'biggest challenge', but one can wonder, if things fail to work out, would he be tempted to walk away in the 2015 free agency period, in which he can opt out of his contract? Read More »

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