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'Star Blossom' Song By Doyoung And Kim Se-jeong For SM Station's Second Season

By Emily Joy Custodio | Oct 04, 2017 08:45 AM EDT

Doyoung and Kim Se-jeong

Two South Korean artists from different groups will be collaborating for another music project for SM Station. Doyoung of NCT and Gugudan's Kim Se-jeong will be singing "Star Blossom" on Oct 13 for SM Station's second season. Read More »

Chris Brown Collaborates With Tyga In New Track 'Ayo'

By Star Connor | Dec 18, 2014 10:25 AM EST

Chris Brown and Tyga

This is probably one of the best tag teams of 2014. "MStars News" has just listened to the new track Chris Brown and Tyga released to their fans. The new song, "Ayo," debuted Wednesday, Dec. 18, and has some sexually explicit lyrics that go something like this: [Intro] I need you (x8) [Hook: Chris Brown] We poppin' like ayo All my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down Screaming like ayo I'mma take her a-- down when she bring her friend around Poppin' booty like ayo I'm a boogie a-- n---a left the roof at home We popping like ayo, ayo, ayo But don't be acting like I need you [Verse 1: Tyga] Ahhh! Aye babe this my new s--t I'm the black Richie Rich with the roof missing If it don't make dollars it don't make sense Z, wake up like I gotta get it And I got a engine with a trunk space I get money three ways, f--king bitches three ways 7 different foreigns plus she no hablé But I make that bitch walk with some cheesecake Yeah, I'm the coldest n---a, icy Looking in the mirror like I wish I could be me She too into me, I'm more into money My hobby's her body, that p---y's my lobby I'mma eat it, I'mma eat it I don't lie, hold my d--k, too conceited Uh, told her she's my wife for the weekend But don't be acting like I need you cause we poppin' like Read More »

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