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Tom Brady Might Sue NFL for Deflate Gate Suspension?

By Jon Niles | Jul 15, 2015 01:41 PM EDT

Tom Brady Might Sue NFL for DeflateGate Suspension?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was served a 4-game suspension for his involvement in the notorious 2015 scandal "Deflate Gate," but the star player has since filed an appeal to have it reduced. The NFL's commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to respond to the appeal, which some reports have said is leading Brady to consider legal action. Apparently, if his suspension isn't reduced, Tom Brady will sue the league. Find out more on this news below. Read More »

Pittsburgh Steelers Le'Veon Bell Escapes Jail After Drug Charge & DUI- NFL Star Scores Probation: Likely Two Game Ban

By Jaymz Clements | Feb 07, 2015 09:30 AM EST

Le'Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers star Le'Veon Bell has been given a 15-month probation after his drug charge and arrest for a DUI and possession of marijuana with former teammate and newly-crowned Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount. Bell will reportedly be suspended for the first two games of the 2015 NFL season. As a first time offender, 22 year old Bell had his license suspended for 60 days, but can have his arrest record expunged after completing his probationary program. Read More »

Adrian Peterson & Ben Tate Kill NFL RB Position?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 18, 2014 01:14 PM EST

Adrian Peterson Kills The RB Position For Good?

It seems like it was just yesterday that the RB was the most important position in the NFL behind the QB, however, over the last few years teams have started to throw more than ever, and the RB is becoming less relevant each and every day. Not long ago Trent Richardson was a first round pick by the Cleveland Browns, but he proved to be a "mistake pick," and now teams are very careful, waiting until the second, third and fourth rounds to find a running back at much less of a cost. Recently Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have added more grief to the role, with the latter just getting a season-long suspension for his child abuse case. On top of that, Ben Tate, who was seen as the best available free agent last year, has been released by the Browns. Is there a future for the RB any more? Read More »

Houston Rocket Dwight Howard's Child Abuse Case To Ruin His NBA Dreams?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 16, 2014 04:06 PM EST

Dwight Howard Locked In NBA Child Abuse Scandal

Sometimes things seem to be going a little too well, and that has most certainly been the case for the Houston Rockets. But star man Dwight Howard is now involved in an NBA child abuse battle, one that's alarmingly similar to Adrian Peterson's case. The Rockets are seen as a top contender to win the NBA championship, but with all this controversy surrounding their team, can they really keep their good spirits and good form going? Rockets fans can relax, with the law declaring Howard as "not guilty" of breaking any rules, according to TMZ. His baby's mother, Royce Reed, made a complaint during the summer, saying he had whipped his son with a belt until bruises were left. He did confess to doing just that, but he claimed he was punished in that manner and did not realize there was anything wrong with the way he had punished his child. Read More »

Is Eminem In Huge Trouble With NFL Stars?

By Kenneth Brown | Nov 12, 2014 12:28 PM EST

Eminem To Defend Himself?

Eminem has never been afraid to offend ... well, anyone, when it comes to his rap songs. But as Slim Shady has matured, he has tamed it down some, though now it appears he is back with a vengeance, insulting Lana Del Rey, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson — all in the space of a few days. In the process, his name has been added to the "make them retire" list, but will the lyrically-lit rapper call it quits after insisting he'd punch Del Rey in the face, and will the unwanted NFL duo retire? Eminem mentioned Peterson's child abuse case in one of his latest songs, according to TMZ, saying, "What's makin' you think I need a switch? I'm Adrian Peterson. When he's raging and heated and on the way to go beat his kid ... On the track I spank like he just did." Read More »

NFL Law Drama

By Kenneth Brown | Sep 18, 2014 01:29 PM EDT

Peyton Manning & John Elway

After non-stop issues with violence, drugs and generally the law, the NFL cannot catch a break. They're closing in on 1,000 arrests in a little over a decade, which is setting a bad example for the sport. Questions are being asked, such as, could there be something wrong with the league? Further questions are likely to be asked now NFL good guys Peyton Manning and John Elway are in the press for, strange reasons, to say the least. Despite neither legend being involved with drugs and violence themselves, they've still found their names in the headlines, causing concern for the Denver Broncos. Read More »

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Strangely Supports Roger Goodell

By Kenneth Brown | Sep 18, 2014 09:27 AM EDT

Adam Silver

It has not been a good time for the NFL or its commissioner Roger Goodell as of late, but it seems that he has the NBA and Adam Silver's support and backing. While Silver has been constantly praised recently, especially for his handling of the Donald Sterling case, Goodell has had the exact opposite, receiving negative comments for a long, long while. However, Silver believes Goodell is doing a "great" job after all, despite recent criticism over Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and their abuse cases. Read More »

Adrian Peterson Finished?

By Kenneth Brown | Sep 17, 2014 12:33 PM EDT

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is quickly watching his life fall apart. After his child abuse case, his reputation is in tatters and his Minnesota Vikings and NFL careers are on the line. Peterson has also lost his endorsement deal with Nike, being dropped, as expected, as Nike never want any bad press. Could he return to the Vikings, and if not, could another team like the Dallas Cowboys or New York Jets give him a chance? Read More »

Adrian Peterson 'Sorry' For Child Abuse Saga:

By Kenneth Brown | Sep 15, 2014 03:28 PM EDT

Adrian Peterson Statement

After all of the drama surrounding Adrian Peterson and the child abuse scandal that's rocked the NFL, it seems like we've heard from everybody but the running back. However, he is back and ready to play next weekend, and he's had his say in the chilling statement below: Read More »

NFL stars want to exit

By Kenneth Brown | Aug 28, 2014 02:01 PM EDT

Ready To Leave?

NFL stars want to leave their teams Read More »

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