Ricky Gervais Named 2016 Golden Globes Host!

By Kyle Dowling |

Ricky Gervais - An Alternative View Of The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

While some might say the king has returned upon hearing news that The Office creator Ricky Gervais is heading back to the Golden Globes to host in 2016, others might find themselves appalled by the idea. Of course, the latter is largely due to the amount of criticism Gervais came under after delivering “controversial” – or, well, as Robert Downey Jr. put it, “mean-spirited” – material the past couple of times he’s done it. Either way, one thing is for sure, people on both sides will most likely watch. Read More »

Jimmy Fallon Returns Home Following Hand Injury [PHOTOS]

By Staff |

2015 Memphis Music Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony People:Jimmy Fallon

In case you haven't heard, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon hurt himself... again! This time, however, there was no ring avulsion (thank god because we cannot even begin to explain how terrified we were at the site of that thing!); it was in fact a fall while holding a bottle of booze during a party at Harvard after the comedian was crowned the "Emperor of Comedy" by the famed Harvard Lampoon. Now, photos show him returning home to New York City. Read More »

Demi Lovato is Obviously Not a Fan of Secret Twin Sister Conspiracy Tumblr Meme 'Poot Lovato'

By Lydia McCarter |

CBS RADIO’s Third Annual We Can Survive 2015

Who knew that Demi Lovato had a secret twin sister locked away in the basement of her house? Alright, that was a trick question. But then again, it is a pretty funny visual right? Well, it doesn't appear to be too funny to Lovato herself! This past week, the internet became obsessed with the recent humor inspired Tumblr theory that Lovato has a secret twin sister named Poot Lovato. Let's just say, Lovato is not a fan. Read More »

Matthew McConaughey Hosting ‘SNL’ with Adele!

By Staff |

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers People:Matthew McConaughey

It looks as if Matthew McConaughey is climbing out of his Lincoln and heading to studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live this coming Nov. 21. The Academy Award winner will be joined by the likes of singer Adele, who just dropped her new song "Hello" last week. Read More »

Chris Christie Was Kicked Off an Amtrak...

By Kyle Dowling |

Chris Christie - Republican Candidates Attend Heritage Action Candidate Forum

It has reportedly not been a very good Sunday for New Jersey governor Chris Christie. The Republican presidential hopeful was apparently kicked off of an Amtrak train for yelling on his phone. Read More »

Jimmy Fallon Crowned 'Emperor of Comedy' by Harvard Lampoon

By Kyle Dowling |

Jimmy Fallon Talks Donald Trump Megyn Kelly Comment

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been award the Harvard Lampoon's "Emperor of Comedy" award. The crowning went down this past Saturday and took Fallon on a comedic chariot throughout Harvard Square up to the steps of the Harvard Lampoon building located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Read More »

'Daily Show' Slams Benghazi Committee for Blaming Hillary

By Kyle Dowling |

Hillary Clinton - Democratic Presidential Candidates Attend Iowa

Last week, democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made her way to testify before the Benghazi committee to see just went down the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when an American compound was attacked in Libya by extremists, killing the lives of four Americans. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah provided a report of the happenings the day of the near ten-hour long hearing. And, like most things the Comedy Central vehicle churns out, it was wonderful. Read More »

Jeb Bush Thinks 'Supergirl' is "Pretty Hot"

By Staff |

Jeb Bush Addresses LIBRE Initiative Forum In Nevada

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is no stranger to WTF moments. Whether it be that time he apparently tried making himself taller than other candidates or when his brother, former President George W. Bush, just came out and said he’s not a fan of fellow presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, it seems that Bush has had his moments of omg, did I just say that? Well, now he’s done it again when talking about Supergirl star Melissa Benoist. Read More »

Whoopi Goldberg's Tour Bus Catches Fire in Canada

By Kyle Dowling |

Whoopi Goldberg - Chicken Coupe Hosted By Whoopi Goldberg - Food Network & Cooking

It's been a little while since comedian Whoopi Goldberg has made headlines for something that happened outside of The View, but it's finally happened. And, well, it's not the best of news. It's being reported that Goldberg's tour bus burst into flames while performing a stand-up set at a casino in Canada. Which caused everyone in attendance to evacuate the building. Read More »

Daniel Tosh Made a Hilarious Shot-For-Shot Remake of Selena Gomez's 'Good For You'

By Lydia McCarter |

Daniel Tosh

Since the song's release, Selena Gomez's "Good For You" music video has gained over 160 million views. People obviously just can't get enough of a little bit of sultry Gomez footage! This past week, comedian Daniel Tosh decided to take his own jab at performing the song. That is, by re-creating a shot for shot "Good For You" parody video. It's pretty safe to say that Gomez might have a little bit of competition! Read More »

Jimmy Kimmel Has a 'Back to the Future' Reunion in Brooklyn

By Kyle Dowling |

Michael J. Fox - Back To The Future 30th Anniversary Celebration

This past Oct. 21, 2015, was Back to the Future Day, which celebrated the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to the future in Back to the Future II. And while the entire world appeared overjoyed and overall obsessed with the day, Jimmy Kimmel Live! was busy getting a reunion of the film together with stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Read More »

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump for Canceling His Appearance

By Kyle Dowling |

Jimmy Kimmel - 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in New York City was supposed to house GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it appears that the billionaire had other plans, because he cancelled his appearance for a supposed political commitment. Read More »

An Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Tour? Yes, Please!

By Kyle Dowling |

Dave Chappelle - 18th Annual Mark Twain Prize For Humor

After dusting off those comedy skills and displaying them unto the world this past weekend at the Kennedy Center, Eddie Murphy is once again the talk of the town. And following his delivery of that much-anticipated Bill Cosby impression, many are hoping for some sort of stand-up tour—especially if he were to team up with a couple of the comics who honored him during his Mark Twain Prize ceremony, like Dave Chappelle. Read More »

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