Louis Tomlinson, Katy Perry Share Tips for #MondayMotivation

By Kyle Dowling |

#MondayMotivation Tips for Happiness from Louis Tomlinson, Katy Perry & More!

It's Monday, folks. What that means – other than the fact that we're all fighting a case of the blues – is that each of us are looking for some #MondayMotivation tips. Luckily, if we dig back into the depths of the Internet, we can find some seriously motivational happiness-related tips from the likes of Katy Perry, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson (who seems to be a new dad!), Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Drake, and many more, that will help us get back on track. Read More »

Top Tips for Positive Thinking

By Kyle Dowling |

Tips to Stop Negative Thinking

If you’re like most humans, then you often find yourself in a rut when it comes to finding happiness in life. Whether it be because you’re not happy with your career at the moment, a failing relationship, or even something bigger (like you don’t have enough storage on your iPhone to download the latest Panda Pop video game), most of us go through times where negative thinking appears to seep into our heads and take over like a nasty disease. This way of going about life leads to not only cynicism, but also pessimism and a lack-o-positivity. Which basically means you’ll be a bummer to be around. Read More »

Here Are the Best Ways to Cut Stress Out of Your Life...

By Kyle Dowling |

5 Habits to Break to Live a Happier Life

Getting rid of stress isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's definitely worthy of trying. It's being reported that stress and anxiety are two of the biggest health risks around. Therefore, it's best we try and break the habits that are causing stress, and thus lead ourselves to a happier life. Read More »

Jessica Alba's 'The Honest Company' Is Here To Help Your Airport Woes

By Alexandra Svokos |

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is expanding her billion-dollar home and baby product company by opening up automatic kiosks in airports. The Honest Company, which she founded, opened up kiosks in five airports across the United States offering last-minute goods to travelers. Read More »

Get Channing Tatum's Abs in 5 Minutes

By Staff |

5-Minute Cardio Exercise for Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike' Abs

Magic Mike XXL star Channing Tatum undoubtedly has quite a six-pack going in the new film. And many of us are wondering just how he does it. How can we get those abs, we ask. Well, the below 5-minute cardio exercise could be the one to get you on your way. Read More »

Top Workout Songs for July 2015

By Kyle Dowling |

Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen Workout Secrets

There might be "Bad Blood" floating around for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry but there sure are good times being had by the young 1989 singer. And while the rest of us are having a good time in the gym – that is, if you're going – it looks we have Swift's collaboration with rapper Kendrick Lamar to thank, as the song has earned the title of top workout song for July 2015 title. Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Celebrates 18th Birthday by Opening School for Refugees

By Alexandra Svokos |


Education activist Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 18th birthday on Sunday by opening a school. The "Malala Yousafzai All-Girls School" is a secondary school near the border in Lebanon that will serve Syrian refugees. Read More »

Top 3 Foods That Help You Build Muscle

By Kyle Dowling |

Foods to Eat to Build Muscle

Building muscle not only comes from lifting weights; it also comes from choosing the correct food to eat. Sadly, devouring a plate of nachos isn't the right food we're talking about here—though it is damn delicious. No, what we're speaking of are those foods that prove to help you build muscle. And believe it or not, they're still great in taste. Read More »

Diet Tips to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

By Kyle Dowling |

Diet Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

It's 2015, and we want things NOW. Actually, yesterday would be preferred, but since we can't travel through time (yet) we'll have to settle for now. And in terms of losing weight, you can guarantee that the sooner we can do so, the better. Luckily, it looks like there are ways that you can see results from dieting in just two weeks. And given the fact that it's summer, we guess you can say hello to that slender, slim and toned body in just 14 days! Read More »

Learn to Bench Press the Correct Way

By Kyle Dowling |

Bench Pressing Tips

Guys, if you're looking to build some serious strength in that upper body, and get toned and cut at the same time, then bench pressing is undoubtedly key. With that, however, it's important not to just jump on the bench and start lifting weight. First, you need to know how to do it. Getting yourself some tips for pressing that weight on the bench is important to build that core and upper body the right way. Read More »

Best Exercises to Burn Fat

By Kyle Dowling |

Best Exercises to Burn Fat

If you're looking to get into shape and burn fat this summer, we've got some tips for you. Per a report from Men's Health, it's said that doing 50 reps of an exercise that targets your six-pack abs, shoulders, core and chest, can get you ripped beyond belief. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to do 50 reps in a row, just as long as the end number is such. Read More »

Fight Stress & Anxiety by Breaking These 3 Habits

By Kyle Dowling |

Calm Your Anxieties by Breaking These 3 Habits

Being an anxious person, someone who forever finds themselves piling on the stress, can eventually run your life and make you less happy. Therefore, it's best to try and discover ways to manage that stress in a way that will not only make you feel more at ease as time goes on, but will also help rid yourself of those overwhelming fears you find more prevalent at the moment. And much of the time, it is us who put on the stress by the way we choose to react or think (or overthink) about something that has happened in our lives. With this in mind, there are three specific habits we are doing to ourselves that we must break to fight that stress. Read More »

Get a Six-Pack with These Killer Ab Exercises

By Kyle Dowling |

Ab Exercises for a Six-Pack

Being that it is summer, we're guessing that all of us are working on those abs, right, folks? (Don't worry, neither are we). With that, we thought why not dole out some fresh abs exercises that are proven to give you that sexy flat stomach you already have ... are working on ... say you're going to work on ... don't even care about. Read More »

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