How Can You Live to 100?

By Kyle Dowling |

Secrets to Living to 100

The life expectancy of humans these days continues to grow. With that, several talks about living to 100 have been had – whether they be through legit studies or just a couple of barflies tossing a couple back at a Chili's. Regardless, several of us are looking for ways to continue walking down the journey of this wonderful thing called life. And with living longer, we're hoping that our journey will continue to be filled by that aforementioned walking and not, well, wheelchairs or something. Read More »

Feeling Down? Science Says Fake a Smile...

By Kyle Dowling |

Faking a Smile Makes You Happier

Did you ever hear that saying, "Fake it till you make it?" Well, that might be truer than you think when it comes to smiling. Reports suggest that there's science behind faking a smile that believes it does in fact make you a happier person. Moreover, exercise and moving your face muscles (mainly into a smile) can truly transform your body and make you happier in the long run. Read More »

Tone That Core with This Pull-Up Exercise

By Kyle Dowling |

How to Do a Pull-Up

If you’re looking to build up that core and get a stronger upper body, you’ve got to do some pull-ups. While difficult, the pull-up is key to strengthening those shoulders and just about every area of your upper body. And now, thanks to Men’s Health, we’ve got an exercise that’ll give you a perfect pull-up. Read More »

Beanie Babies Makes Cecil the Lion Toy as WildCRU Charity Fundraiser

By Alexandra Svokos |

Cecil memorial

Beanie Babies is making a special toy modeled after Cecil the lion, a lion that was killed in Zimbabwe last month by a Minnesota hunter sparking mass international outrage. The profits from the toy, being sold as a fundraiser, will go to the researchers who had been tracking Cecil. All profits from sales of the Beanie Babies will go to the WildCRU, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford in England. WildCRU had been tracking Cecil since 2008. Read More »

3 Ways to Stay Happy at Work

By Kyle Dowling |

Stay Happy at Work

Work can oftentimes get the better of us. Because of this, we need to try to keep both calm and collective while in the office environment. Sadly, that's easier said than done. But don't worry – MStars News has some habits that you can break in order to maintain a happier disposition at work while you're busy being around people you may or may not want to be around. Read More »

Top 3 Healthy Binge Eating Options for National Watermelon Day!

By Kyle Dowling |

Healthy Binge-Eating Options

It's #NationalWatermelonDay, folks. What that means is we're about to talk about healthy eating... in the form of binge eating. The act is, well, so much fun – that's just a fact (we think?). Anyway, unfortunately, it's also incredibly bad for us. But fear not, fellow late-night-snackers and binge eaters – there are a number healthy foods you can choose to snack on that are smart, safe and seriously good for you. Read More »

Watch This Baby Try on Glasses for the First Time

By Kyle Dowling |

Baby Tries on Glasses for First Time

If you're like most people, wearing glasses is a big bummer. But if you ask the baby below, they're a godsend! In a new video – which is certainly going viral – Baby Piper tries on a pair of glasses to correct her weak eyesight. And while she gets the gift of vision, the rest of us get the gift of, well, that laugh. Read More »

Find Out How Khloe Kardashian Lost 35 LBS

By Kyle Dowling |

Khloe Kardashian Licks Kendall Jenner's Stomach in New Instagram Post

In case you missed Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian's oh-so-sexy Complex magazine cover and story, well, you should check it out – because the starlet is looking incredible after having lost a reported 35 lbs. Now, in a new interview with Fitzy & Wippa over in Australia, Kardashian reveals just how she did it. Read More »

Fantasia Barrino Whipping into Shape Following Honeymoon

By Star Connor |


After seeing photos from her honeymoon, Fantasia Barrino has decided to change up her lifestyle and return to the gym. MStars News previously reported that the American Idol star, and her husband, Kendall Taylor enjoyed some fun in the sun on their vacation in Puerto Rico following their nuptials earlier this month. Read More »

Jen Welter Is Hired by Arizona Cardinals, First-Ever NFL Female Coach

By Alexandra Svokos |

Jen Welter

The NFL has hired their first-ever female coach. Jen Welter will be a training camp and pre-season assistant coaching intern, working with inside linebackers, for the Arizona Cardinals. Read More »

Light-Weight Dumbbell Exercises for Burning Calories

By Kyle Dowling |

Light-Weight Dumbbells Help You Burn Calories

Can't lift heavy weights? Apparently it's not an issue, folks. It's being reported that you can use a five-pound dumbbell to shed calories and build muscle just like the guy next to you benching 250lbs. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true that you can still burn calories by using small weights. How so? Glad you asked... Read More »

Instagram Won't Let You Search For The Hashtag #Curvy

By Alexandra Svokos |


If you try searching for #curvy on Instagram, you'll find it blocked. Instagram banned searching the hashtag term, users discovered, reportedly because people were using #curvy to share content that violated the nudity community guidelines. But now, people are fighting back with #curvee to protest Instagram's ban. Read More »

The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

By Kyle Dowling |

Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

As summer's end draws near (seriously, it's already almost halfway over), we're still on the constant lookout for exercises that can tighten up our core and help us lose that belly fat and grab that six-pack. And just because the fall and winter months are coming (in just three months, by the way), it doesn't mean we should stop searching for a way to obtain a flatter stomach. Read More »

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